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 Buy now at 2018 prices thru Feb. 15

Shipping not included

Now includes the wing wing fuel tanks.

There are several sub kits included in your airframe kit.  

* Cabin
* Rear fuselage
* Rudder
* Horizontal stabilizer and elevator
* Wings (set of 2)
* Hoerner wingtips (set of 2)



1)       Cabin parts CNC precut honeycomb aluminum panels, still tabbed into sheets

2)       Gussets, pre-drilled

3)       Bulk angle stock, you must cut to length and rivet on butting edges throughout cabin

4)       Top cabin aluminum sheet, CNC cut, predrilled

5)       Steel spar carry throughs top cabin

6)       Aluminum angle bottom lift strut carry through

7)       0.25” heavy landing gear plate, CNC cut

8)       0.125” side landing gear plates, CNC cut

9)       AN Bolts, Nuts, Washers for bolting landing gear plates on corners

10)    Rivets


1)       Rear Fuselage formers CNC precut honeycomb aluminum panels, still tabbed into sheets.

2)       Vertical stabilizer CNC precut honeycomb aluminum panel

3)       Square thinwall aluminum tubing, you must cut to length and rivet on butting edges throughout rear fuselage

4)       Bulk angle stock, you must cut to length and rivet on butting edges at some locations

5)       Bottom rear fuselage aluminum sheet CNC cut

6)       Side rear fuselage aluminum sheet CNC cut, trimming may be required

7)       Top rear fuselage aluminum sheet in overlapping sheets, you must trim and drill to fit each sheet

8)       Bottom 0.75” square reinforcement tube

9)       Polycarbonate parts for top along with frame

10)    Predrilled gussets

11)    Rivets


James is working on an improved jury strut design. You will receive it as part of your kit.

WINGS (set of two) – PP1000 in your kit

1)       12’ aluminum spars (set of four) (these need 1.5” tip extensions to meet length requirement of 145.5”.) (Extensions are included.)

2)       Wing Ribs CNC precut honeycomb aluminum

3)       0.5” 6061T6 false rib spars 24’ total

4)       False ribs, CNC precut from 1/8” Baltic birch plywood

5)       Aluminum strips and parts to fabricate trailing cove for Ailerons and flaps. Builder cuts to length, bends and drills

6)       Aileron Kit for each wing

7)       Flap Kit for each wing

8)       Aileron spade parts for each wing

9)       AN hardware

10)    Rivets

11)    17 gallon wet wing tank skins and ribs

12)    Metal skins


1)       Foam raw, must be shaped with rasp

2)       Wingtip CNC precut honeycomb aluminum

3)       Aluminum Angle

4)       Front tube

5)       Rear tube

6)       Aluminum facing strips

7)       Rivets


1)       CNC Precut honeycomb aluminum base

2)       CNC Precut honeycomb aluminum backs

3)       Hinge material

4)       Front cover trim aluminum

5)       Angle aluminum

6)       Rivets


1)       CNC precut horizontal stabilizer

2)       CNC precut elevator

3)       CNC precut gussets

4)       AN Bolts, Nuts, Washers for bolting bracing

5)       Hinge material for elevator and trim tab

6)       AN Bolts, Nuts, Washers

7)       CNC precut elevator tips

8)       CNC precut elevator bellcranks

9)       Left and right side 1” thick foam piece CNC precut for trailing edge of elevator

10)    Fiberglass cloth

11)    Softwood for fabrication of right side elevator trim tab

12)    Rivets

RUDDER – PP1600 series in your kit

1)       CNC precut rudder

2)       Angle material for attachment of rudder and tailwheel steering bellcrank

3)       CNC precut bellcranks

4)       Hinge material

5)       AN Bolts, Nuts, Washers for attachment to hinge

6)       Softwood insert for rear of rudder


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