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(The tricycle kit ($1,000 OPTION) is very similar to the following list. Delete the tailwheel, change the main landing gear; add a nose gear assembly.) The taildragger finishing kit provides the following items:

New for 2019:  Streamline extruded lift struts and metal wing skins are included at no extra charge.


WINGS (set of two)


1)       Strut attachment CNC machined parts


2)       Aileron Bellcrank CNC machined parts




1)       Firewall material, stainless steel




1)       Set of four main streamline lift struts


2)       CNC Machined lift strut inserts for top and bottom


3)       (Folding wing: machined parts for bottom folding)


4)       AN Bolts, Nuts, Washers


 LANDING GEAR (set of two)


1)       7075T6 turned gear legs


2)       CNC Machined gear leg collars


3)       Trailing link tubing and hardware


4)       Matco Wheels


5)       Matco hydraulic brakes


6)       Matco hydraulic master cylinders (set of two)


 7)       Matco axles


8)       Hydraulic tubing for brakes


9)       Gear attachment fittings for connecting axle to gear leg


10)    AN Bolts, Nuts, Washers




1)       0.093” polycarbonate CNC precut windshield


2)       Rivets


3)       Windshield ribs, CNC cut from honeycomb fiberglass


4)       Windshield spars (aluminum tubes)




1)       Seatbelts x 2


ENTRY DOOR (set of 2)


1)       CNC precut honeycomb door


2)       0.040” polycarbonate CNC precut windshield


3)       Latch Mechanism


4)       Hinge material


5)       Rivets




1)       Prewelded steel tubes


2)       AN hardware




1)       Rudder cables


2)       Rudder cable hardware


3)       Rudder cable nylon tubing


4)       Elevator Push-Pull cables (set of two)


5)       Elevator cable mounting angle


6)       Elevator cable collars (set of four)


7)       Aileron Push-Pull cables (set of two)


8)       Aileron cable mounting clasps (set of four)


9)       CNC machined control hardware set (comprehensive CNC parts kit for complete control assembly)


10)    Steel all-thread


11)    Rod end bearings


12)    Aileron droop intermix plate


13)    AN Bolts, Nuts, Washers